salve! Vibrissa sum. That Minimus has been getting a lot of attention recently - I think it's only fair that I should have some. This page is devoted to me and to my favourite thing - food. Our cook, Candidus, makes a lovely fried fish dish (when we can get any fish delivered!)and he always lets me have the scraps. Here is his recipe, which he found in a Roman cookbook:

Wash and fry the fish. Grind pepper, cumin, coriander, oregano, rue in a mortar. Heat the spices and add wine vinegar, dates, honey, wine, oil and fish sauce. Bring the sauce to the boil and pour over the fish.*

This is another Vibrissa - she's a lot thinner than me! That's because she doesn't live with a cook as good as Candidus.
This is me - a fine figure of a cat.

*This is a real Roman recipe, from a famous cookbook by Apicius. He never gives any quantities, unlike a modern cookbook.

Here's my friend Candidus with a roast peacock.
And here I am again, as seen in a school Minimus play!
I'm pleased to say that Helen and Barbara have finally taken me seriously and written TWO books about my adventures, one in the original Minibooks set and one in the new set. I'd buy them if I were you.

Do you think I look as fierce as this cat? She comes from the House of the Faun in Pompeii. The picture is made of mosaic tiles, which have been put into place one by one.

I think my friend Candidus approves of mosaics, even though they are a Roman idea. He would certainly like the one on the right!

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