Instructions for making and using writing tablets.
35 Minimus support sheets, including plays, songs and suggestions. Contact Barbara for more information.
3 original Powerpoint exercises and 2 for the SmartBoard, all by Helen Forte

'Auricoma', with translation. Video clip may yet appear!

Latin Bingo game devised by a teacher in Lewes
Article by one of Minimus' greatest supporters in the US describing her activities with the course.
A little story about Rufus, from a homeschool teacher in the USA
Vibrissa hand-puppet pattern by Canadian homeschooler Kelly Gibbons
Or you could always walk around with Minimus on your face!

All resources on these pages were provided by teachers and friends of Minimus. Please use them freely, but remember to credit the author.

If you have an exercise, game, lesson plan or article you'd like to share with other Minimus users, please contact Barbara or Helen.

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