Our newest venture - ten little readers to accompany the Minimus course!
You can still see the British Museum day pictures here.
Click here for pictures of the second Minimus day at York!
MINIMUS SECUNDUS is here - pupils' book, teachers' resource book and audiocassette. Visit the Cambridge University Press website for details of price and availability. It's already going into its second print run!
The audiocassette to accompany Minimus contains advice on pronunciation and all the picture stories are recorded on the tape. Recorded by both adults and children. Order direct from C.U.P. ISBN is 0521 005116 Price 10.50 plus VAT. The audiotape for Minimus Secundus is also available, priced at £12.95 plus VAT, ISBN: 0521755476


Click here for bigger pictures and a review of the Minimus Secundus launch from The Guardian

There are now 3 Minimus dialogues suitable for a reading competition. Free with a s.a.e from Barbara Bell. (More information on teacher support sheets here)

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Try the Latin version of Goldilocks!

NEW! The Animated Minimus including animation work by a group of Year 6 pupils.

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