Every chapter of Minimus has an illustrated myth at the end. Here's one exclusive to the Website!

Arion was the best musician in Corinth. Once, he was invited to a music festival in Sicily. His patron, King Periander, reluctantly allowed him to go. Arion played brilliantly, and won the prize. Admiring fans showered him with presents. Arion boarded a ship bound for Sicily. Unfortunately, the sailors had seen Arion's hoard of prizes. When he curled up in the ship's prow to sleep, they plotted to kill him.

Arion woke to find the captain pushing him towards the rail. "I'm afraid you have to jump overboard!" he told the musician. "Why? What have I done" asked Arion. "You are too rich." Arion offered to give the sailors all his prizes in exchange for his life, but they refused. "At least let me play a final song!" he begged. The captain allowed Arion to pick up his lyre and sing one last song before he jumped off the rail.

Luckily for Arion, a music-loving dolphin had been listening, and it swam up under the drowning man and took him on its back. The dolphin carried Arion all the way to Corinth, arriving just in time to hear the wicked sailors tell the king that Arion had decided to stay in Corinth. As soon as they saw Arion alive, the sailors confessed and were dragged off to prison. Arion lived a long and happy life in Corinth, and the dolphin became a familiar sight around the harbour.

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