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Buy Minimus extras with PayPal (3 different packs)

We have put together 3 packs of extras for overseas customers:

  Pack contents Price P&P

10 pencils, 5 postcards, 4 badges , 2 sheets of stickers

£10 £1.50
B 10 pencils, 10 erasers, 10 badges, 5 pens, 5 sheets of stickers, 5 postcards £25 £4
C 20 pencils, 20 badges, 15 post cards, 10 sheets of stickers, 10 erasers, 8 notelet packs, 5 pens, 3 post-it notepads £50 £8
Send us an email with your order details and address.

Visit our Café Press shop for a range of Minimus T-shirts, mugs and other items, all designed by Helen Forte, which can be bought online from a supplier in the USA

Following on the success of the original MiniBooks (little Latin readers designed to accompany the Minimus course), Minimus et Cetera are proud to announce the independent publication of two more sets of ten. Just like the first set, these have been written by Barbara Bell and Helen Forte. The MiniBooks are fully illustrated and have a vocabulary section explaining any words not found in Minimus glossary. The Latin is more challenging in the second and third set of books, and there's a story about each of the characters in the family. These sets are particularly suitable for pupils studying Minimus Secundus. Find out more from Barbara.