Not Senate House but Moreton Hall Prep School hosted the launch party for the latest Minimus publication - the long-awaited MiniBooks. Dr Helen Forte invited her pupils in Years 4 and 5 ( who started learning Latin with Minimus this year) and their parents to an evening reception in the school. Two very special guests turned up too - Vibrissa and Minimus themselves!

While the adults enjoyed a glass of champagne, the children played 'Squeak, Minimus, Squeak!', 'Steal the keys from Vibrissa', 'Sleeping Cats', and a manic 'Mythology Game'. They also had a chance to try out interactive Minimus jigsaws on Dr Forte's computer, and have a good look at the MiniBooks. We found out that Vibrissa is ticklish!

Our event featured in the Bury Free Press on the 9th December, and a photographer came to school to take a look at the books.