William's shield, helmet, spear, armour and leather sandals were all made by him and others in his Year 5 class at Moreton Hall Prep School.

Cambridge University Press are the publishers of Minimus in the UK and in the US.

Contact JACT (the Joint Association of Classical Teachers) for information on grants and training. The JACT web site is a good place to start research on any Classical topic.

The Roman site at Vindolanda has its own new and impressive web site. Also see the wonderful Vindolanda Tablets Online site!

The Hellenic Bookservice stock Minimus, as well as a huge range of Classical books for all school and University purposes. Their email address is hellenicbooks@btinternet.com

For our American Minimus users, there's latinandlanguage.com which stocks the books and tapes, plus a large range of Latin and Greek related materials, historical novels, activity books, games and DVD's.

Minimus' favourite books are the Roman detective novels of Lindsey Davis - he features on her website!

If you like detective stories, find out about the popular Roman Mysteries series for children by Caroline Lawrence. Minimus illustrator Helen Forte has illustrated Caroline's latest spin-off series.

For a wonderful archaeology site, try the brand new Romans Revealed, with stories by Caroline Lawrence and lots of scientific detail, reconstructions and audio explanations from scientists.

To find out more about Barates and Regina, visit the website Journeys in the Roman Empire which as a wealth of interactive material.

If you are interested in mythology and art, try these sites. The Goddess Athena site has a huge collection of images of Athena. ArtMagick has a very good section on mythology. Also try the Greek Mythology Link.

Winged Sandals is a wonderful interactive site on mythology from the Australian ABC network, with beautifully animated stories and games.

For Minimus merchandise, there's our own Minimus Et Cetera, or the Minimus online shop (in the USA).

Ginny Lindzey has some lovely posters and calendars featuring photos of Pompeii, as well as a whole lot of Latin-based t-shirts and other products on her site.

The Cambridge Schools Classics Project publish the Cambridge Latin Course, and run an online Latin course which is highly recommended for independent students!

Try this fun Fling the Teacher game from School History

Snaith Primary School has an excellent and accessible section on the Romans, as does Resources for History

For a more in-depth look at the Roman occupation of Britain, try Roman Britain.org for maps, information on the different tribes and quotations from ancient sources.

For general information on the Romans, visit Anthony Kamm's pages.

If you're studying Minimus Secundus, have a look at this site about Trajan's Column and its images.

Re-enactment groups, both Roman and Celtic, are well-represented on the Internet: for example, the Ermine Street Guard, the Brigantes, Legion II Augusta , , RomanArmy.com (with a useful image base), Batavians (Flavius and his men are Batavians from the Netherlands). Legio II Augusta are the group who have worked with us at the British Museum Day, the York Minimus Day and the 2005 Minidorm.

The BBC has a couple of good interactive sites, including Build an Iron Age Roundhouse, and the fantastic Iron Age Celts site for younger pupils

We recommend Pyrrha: a site with plenty of Roman activities.

There's now a special site dedicated to Latin plays for younger children.

IRIS is a project for promoting Classics in state schools, producing a magazine.

Contact Barbara Bell, the Minimus author.

Contact Helen Forte, the illustrator (and designer of this site)

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