Many of Minimus’ friends are home-schoolers, so this page is devoted to them. We can discuss your thoughts and hints about studying Latin with Minimus.

Each month, we’ll tackle a grammar question in a new column: Corinthus omnia explicat!

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Salvete, discipuli qui in villa discunt! (Hello, students who learn in the house!)


Here is a story written for some homeschooled students in Laurel, Maryland, who are devouring Latin like Minimus eats cheese!  In fact, one family that lives right outside Washington, D.C., has been so inspired that even the mom is studying Latin.  Who would have guessed that Latin could be so fascinating?


Samicus Magnus:  Miles Optimus


     Samicus Magnus Vindolandam vadit!    Flavius et milites prope viam stant.  Flavius laetissimus est quod  Samicus amicus est.  Iulius et Vibrissa cum Flavio sunt.  Iulius laetissimus est quod Samicus miles optimus est.  Samicus ferociter pugnat, sed quoque callidus est.  ubi est Minimus?  Minimus ibi est, sed in arbore sedet et spectat.


     euge!  Samicus Vindolandae appropinquat!  Flavius dicit, "salve, Samice!"  Samicus ridet, et tum milites inspicit.  loricae non sordidae sunt.  gladii acuti sunt.  milites non obesi sunt.  Samicus laetissimus est.


     Samicus, Flavius, Iulius, et Vibrissa ad villam vadunt.  Candidus cibum optimum coquit.  Samicus Vindolandam amat!


prope near    in arbore in a tree 
stant stand   sedet sits
laetissimus very happy   appropinquat approaches
amicus      friend tum  then
cum     with   coquit   is cooking
sed  but   amat  loves
quoque  also  ubi?     where? 


                                                                             written by Ruth Ann Besse




Samicus the Great:  The Best Soldier


        Samicus the Great is going to Vindolanda!  Flavius and the soldiers stand near the road.  Flavius is very happy because Samicus is his friend.  Iulius and Vibrissa are with Flavius.  Iulius is very happy because Samicus is the best soldier.  Samicus fights fiercely, but also is clever.  Where is Minimus?  Minimus is there, but he sits in a tree and watches.


        Hooray!  Samicus approaches Vindolanda!  Flavius says, " Hello, Samicus!"  Samicus smiles, and then inspects the soldiers.  The breastplates are not dirty.  The swords are sharp.  The soldiers are not fat.  Samicus is very happy.


        Samicus, Flavius, Iulius, and Vibrissa ad villam vadunt.  Candidus cibum optimum coquit.  Samicus Vindolandam amat!