Many of Minimus’ friends are home-schoolers, so this page is devoted to them. We can discuss your thoughts and hints about studying Latin with Minimus.

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Homeschooling Class in Laurel, MD:  Spring 2009
Meeting once-a-week for 50 minute lessons, this group of homeschoolers eagerly learned Latin with our favorite mouse.  After 16 weeks, the children completed chapters 1-9 before they stopped for summer vacation.  Each class was filled with excited voices volunteering to read or to share bits of knowledge.  Perhaps their favorite topic was life in the military, although Roman toilets really fascinated them, too! We also had some weapons and armor to try out and the children loved yelling out commands while dressed up.


The children wrote some amazing letters while they were imagining what it would be like to be an ancient Roman soldier.  One student wrote her letter on a scroll and composed a poem instead of just a letter!  Another wrote hers in Latin!  She inspired me to write the following letter.  Please feel free to use this when you study Chapter 9! 


salve, mater mea!


noli lacrimare!  validus sum ; non fatigatus sum ! 


centurio durus est :  “arma sumite!  Flavium audite!  vinum demittite! diligenter laborate!  ferociter pugnate!”  fessus sum.


Britannia frigida est. cibus Britannicus non est bonus.  Italia optima est! 


multos amicos habeo.  tesseris ludimus.  in tepidario garrimus.   in via equitamus.


amicus optimus est cornicen. 


canis meus validus est?  mus et feles Vindolandae habitant, sed non canis. 


tristissimus sum.  canem meum cupio!


pecuniam tibi habeo.  felix dies tibi sit!  amo te!


amo te, Samicus

validus- strong






tesseris- dice


pecuniam- money


cupio- I want


amo te- I love you