Auricoma et tres ursi ( by Helen Forte)
Cast list
Auricoma - Goldilocks, Ursus - Daddy Bear, Ursa - Mummy Bear, Ursulus - Baby Bear Servus - Slave, Ancilla - Slave Girl, Miles I - Soldier 1, Miles II - Soldier 2
Ursulus salve mater, salve pater!
Ursus salve, Ursule!
Ursa servi! (the slave brings porridge, the slave girl brings a napkin.They all sit down)
Servus polenta, domine.polenta, domina. polenta, Ursule!
Ancilla polentam consume, Ursule! (she tries to feed him)
Ursulus eheu! fervens est!
Ursa venite ambulare, omnes.(They all go out for a walk while it cools down)
Auricoma ecce! casa minima! intro. (She goes in)
ecce! polenta! (She tries the 3 bowls)
eheu! fervens! eheu! gelida! euge! optima! (She eats the 3rd bowlful)

fessa sum! ecce lecti! eheu! durus est! eheu! mollis est! euge! optimus est! dormio. (She sleeps. The bears come home)

Ursus revenimus!
Ursa revenimus!
Ursus quis polentam meam gustat?
Ursa quis polentam meam gustat?
Ursulus quis polentam meam consumit! eheu!
Ancilla redi ad cubiculum, Ursule! (They all go to the bedroom to put Ursulus to bed)
Ursus quis in lecto meo sedet?
Ursa quis in lecto meo sedet?
Ursulus quis in lecto meo dormit?
Ancilla puella!
Auricoma Aiiiiiiiiiii! (She leaps out of the bed and runs around the house)
Ursus siste!
Servus auxilium fero! (He goes for help)
Ursula noli lacrimare, Ursule! (The slave returns with some soldiers)
Miles I ubi est puella?
Miles II celeriter! (They chase Auricoma and catch her)
Miles I improba es!
Auricoma me piget. pecuniam tibi habeo. (She pays Ursa for her porridge).
Ursulus vale, Auricoma!
Auricoma valete, omnes!
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Goldilocks and the 3 bears - translation
Baby Bear Hello mother, hello father
Daddy Bear Hello, baby bear
Mummy Bear Slaves!
Slave Porridge, madam. porridge, sir. porridge, baby bear.
Slavegirl Eat your porridge, baby bear
Baby Bear Oh dear! It's boiling!
Mummy Bear Come for a walk, everyone
Goldilocks Look! A tiny house. I go in. Look! porridge. Oh dear, it's boiling. Oh dear, it's freezing. Hooray - it's the best. I'm tired. Look - beds. Oh dear- it's hard. Oh dear - it's soft. Hooray - it's the best! I sleep.
Daddy Bear We are back!
Mummy Bear We are back!
Daddy Bear Who tastes my porridge?
Mummy Bear Who tastes my porridge?
Baby Bear Who's eaten my porridge? Oh dear!
Slave girl Go to bed, baby bear!
Daddy Bear Who's sat on my bed?
Mummy Bear MB Who's sat on my bed?
Baby Bear Who's sleeping in my bed?
Slave girl A girl!
Daddy Bear Stop! Slave I bring help!
Mummy Bear MB Don't cry, baby bear
Soldier 1 Where's the girl?
Soldier 2 Quickly!
Soldier 1 You are naughty!
Goldilocks I am sorry. I have money for you.
Baby Bear Goodbye, Goldilocks
Goldilocks Goodbye, everyone.
Photos from Moreton Hall Year 6 video version of 'Auricoma'