Here's a new set of pictures from Cameron House in London.

This is what their teacher told us: Following on from the story in Minimus Chapter 10, Class 6 was inspired to make Roman-style jewellery and accessories using only recycled materials.

They employed their DT skills to troubleshoot problems of attaching, joining and shaping. Impressive work, Class 6!

Here's a poem by an eight year old Norfolk pupil    



"My Latin Poem"

Latin Latin make it fun

Latin people have some fun

When your sad dont be sad

Minimus Mouse will make you glad

Latin is fun. I am never going to quit Latin."

Flora. (original spelling!)


This lovely work was produced by pupils at Cameron House, London


Every so often, I set homework that is more creative than academic. The week before half term, I gave each of the children in Class 6 a copy of the Latin alphabet and the passage from Virgil that Flavia and Iulius were writing in Chapter IV (Primary Latin). While most of them copied it out beautifully on paper, a few asked if they could 'be creative' and use different media. Of course I said 'Yes!' as I do like to combine Art and DT with their work as much as possible. I was very impressed with the result; my favourite is the passage copied onto the bark of a silver birch growing in the girl's garden! Her sister had made the feather quill some time before. In the summer term, I usually ask the class to make an item out of recycled materials, enforcing the school's policy of 'Reduce, Re-use, Recycle' and which also reflects aspects of Roman design - jewellery, accessories, ornaments etc. Last year's Class 6 excelled themselves and I was particularly impressed with the horse made out of florist's wire. I loved it so much and urged the boy to make more of them as I knew there would be many people who would want to own one - every member of staff I showed it to coveted it! The boy was kind enough to present it to me on the day he left the school and it now has pride of place on my study wall at home, mounted on a mini-canvas.
All the children to whom I teach Latin (Class 6 all year, Class 5 in the summer term and the children from Years 1 ~ 5 who attend Latin Club) absolutely love the Minimus project and are very excited each time they approach a new topic.  I have as much fun as the children!

Annie Honjo
Cameron House School