There is a whole range of support sheets available to help teachers with Minimus. Most have been collected or devised by teachers with experience in teaching the course. You can download the sheets in PDF format from this page. Paper copies may be requested from Barbara Bell by post at 82 Swiss Drive, Ashton, Bristol BS3 2RW. Please enclose a large stamped addressed envelope.

If you would like to contribute a worksheet or suggestion of your own, please contact Barbara or Helen

If you don't have Acrobat Reader for opening PDF files, click on the link.

Books on The Romans : suitable for Keystage 2-3
Minimus for veterans
Latin Play: Jack and the Beanstalk
Oliver Makower's lesson plans
Using Minimus with Gifted and Talented Children by Jane Maguire
Why Teach Latin to Able Children in Primary Schools?
Why Teach to KS2?
Alice in Somnio by Gillian Howell
Medusa play by Sarah Brown
Arca Pandorae in Latin
Minimus - how do I get started? by Barbara Bell
The Vindolanda Run, a poem by Brian Moses
Minimus pronunciation guide, short version by Jonathan Powell and Linda Soames
Minimus pronunciation guide, full version by Jonathan Powell
Name labels for girls, 3x6 labels on A4
Name labels for boys, 3x6 labels on A4