Why not start planning for 2019’s competition now? The subjects will be Midas (Minimus p63) for Level One and The Beauty Contest (Minimus Secundus p76) for Level Two. 

***The deadline for submitting entries is Friday 27th April 2019***.

Further details from the Organiser, Linda Soames:

email lindasoames@home.3b.co.uk


Our annual Arts competition was even more popular this year with an increased number of entries - from 23 different schools this time, including one from the USA, one from Australia and one from Tasmania.  It was good to see more entries at Level 2 again, and as more animations are being submitted, we have decided to introduce animations as a new category in 2019.

Comments from the Judges for 2018

Art: ‘All entries have been judged in age categories so as to be as fair as possible. Higher marks this year have gone to entries which show originality and which are also well executed. There has been a wide variety of entries ranging from old favourites such as lego models to decorated cakes - I have really enjoyed looking at each one. Our top prize entries this year included a fantastic piece of sand-blasted stonework, a beautiful model of Pyramus’ sword, an ink drawing and a collage.’
Creative Writing:All of the entries this year have been of a high standard. It’s wonderful to see such varied responses to the task set and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading so many different versions of the myth: adverts, scripts, poems, comic strips and some stories with links to the modern world. It was an absolute pleasure to read these entries and I can only thank the writers for sharing their talents in such a range of ways.
Drama: the quality of the performances was very high again this year.  The roles of Pyramus, Thisbe, the lion and the wall were delivered with relish and there were some delightful depictions of the mulberry tree.  The scripts were well researched and the idea of reconciliation between the two families at the end of the winning entry gave a thoughtful and contemporary message to the tale. All pupils had tried hard to memorise their lines and the use of music, subtitles, sound effects, scenery and props enhanced all the performances. The teamwork involved across the age groups continues to be a delight.  The animations we received this year were very welcome too.  The backcloths, music, scripts and animated figures were all impressive and well chosen, and the voices of the characters in the winning entry gave a great charm to the short film.
Well done to everyone who entered and special congratulations to the prize-winners!

PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW CAREFULLY even if you’ve entered before as we have amended things a little and we are also introducing a new category for animations (see D below).
It’s very distressing if we have to disqualify any of the children’s entries so please check carefully and do email the Organiser lindasoames@home.3b.co.uk if you need anything clarified. 

We invite pupils to submit entries in the following categories:

  1. A: Art eg painting, drawing, collage, poster, craftwork etc.
  2. B: Creative Writing eg poem, play-script, 1st person account, diary or journal etc.  Please save and email as a word document.
  3. C: Drama – a version of the story, written and performed by pupils, and submitted as a private video link or DVD.
  4. D: Animation – a version of the story, written and animated by an individual, and submitted as a private video link.
  5. A, B & D must be the work of individual pupils and are to be photographed or filmed and emailed direct to the Organiser: lindasoames@home.3b.co.uk by Friday 27th April 2019. NB We are not using Dropbox in 2019.
  6. Only given names/Christian names should appear on the front of pupils’ work.  This is so the winning entries can be published on the website later.
  7. The maximum number of entries from any one school is ten at Level 1 and/or ten at Level 2.  Entries can be a mix of all four categories.
  8. The Drama entries will usually be the work of a whole class or club.  The script should be in Latin. Pupils from a senior school may assist a junior school with the filming and script, but the performers should be juniors. 
  9. The competition is for primary and lower school pupils up to Year 8. Entries are also welcomed from Minimus Clubs and home-schoolers.
  10. Pupils should enter the Level for which they are studying (ie either Minimus or Minimus Secundus).  Age allowances are made by the judges.
  11. Individual pupils who enter Level 1 would normally be expected to move on to Level 2 in future.  There is some flexibility here – please contact the Organiser for further advice if in doubt.
  12. IMPORTANT - Please complete the appropriate ENTRY FORM (from the website) giving pupils’ names, age etc
  13. Book token prizes are generously awarded by the Jowett Trust. We shall aim to notify schools of the results during the week beginning 24th June 2019.

NEW for 2019: our judges will be writing some hints to help.  These will be published on the website shortly.