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Another exceptional year with well over a hundred entries for our judges!
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It is so good to see co-operation between sixth forms and primary children continuing.

                       Thanks for this very pleasing news and for the book voucher- Tasmania

The good news has just arrived and they are so excited in the Junior School! Many thanks once more to everyone who makes this competition run: our boys love it and it is now part of the Junior School calendar. – Manchester

Thank you so much for your letter with its wonderful news.  We had some very excited children…and teachers! - Hertfordshire

We congratulate all entrants and thank again our sponsors the Jowett Trustees, our judges and of course you the teachers who encourage your pupils to take part.


 Pam Macklin (the organiser) will be co-ordinating another MINIMUS at the BRITISH MUSEUM DAY  on Saturday 18th June (apologies to those schools too far away to travel to London for the day) so will not be responsible for the next competition.  Mrs Linda Soames will be the new organiser. The topics for 2016 are Book 1 MEDUSA and Book 2 PEGASUS. Full details as usual on the website or from the organiser lindasoames@home.3b.co.uk

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