How The Seasons Came to Be
Helen Maidment, Millfield Primary School

Nature’s point of View
I am happy. My flowers are blooming, my tress are standing tall and proud and my grass is slightly wet with the dew of the morning. Today a beautiful abay girl picked one of my flowers. She was called Persephone. She’s a goddess, and it makes me proud that such a special person wants to walk (or crawl) on my land, not Mount Olympus.
Mount Olympus is lovely, from what I’ve heard. But how can they live without grass, trees, leaves or flowers? And how can they live on clouds? So many questions, not enough answers…..

Demeter’s point of view
I am happy. Ever since my little baby Persephone was born, I feel as if I could never be brought to anger. She’s gorgeous. She has these pretty blue eyes pinned into her round head and curly blonde locks that I twiddle into bunches.
Not many of the gods or goddesses on Mount Olympus tend to see her; I bring her outside too much. Even Zeus tells me that. It might be because I am the goddess of all growing things. Not bragging at all, but I’m a pretty big deal around here. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m too busy with Persephone to care at all.
Did I mention how pretty she is? Oh yes, I remember I said she was gorgeous!

15 years later……………….

Persephone’s point of view
I am so excited! Tomorrow is my 16th birthday. My mum is taking me and my friends out to see the fields and nature. It’s all so lovely outside Mount Olympus, but I want to go out more, see more sights. Mum always told me I was adventurous, just like dad. I just cannot wait until tomorrow! It seems like a mile away from now. I’ve always loved nature, since I was a baby. It’s like I sensed a voice in the leaves, in the bark of the trees that creamed my name and beckoned me to the depth of the woods. When I went to explore yesterday, I saw a man in the bushes, looking at me. It was no different to any other day. The only thing they see is a pretty face but I’m more fun than I seem.

Nature’s point of view
It’s a great day today! I saw Persephone again, like I do every day. But she wasn’t alone. There were three other girls with her.
“This is where I like to go, Penelope, Cassandra and Eris.” I heard her say to them.
I was both curious and cautious at the same time. Neve r before had I seen them in this area, so I couldn’t be sure whether they would be nice or rude. However, Persephone gave them such a lovely greeting that they might be nice girls.
“Wow how beautiful!” a blonde haired girl stepped forward, looking intrigued. “How did you find this place, Persephone?”
“Well Eris,” Persephone began, “I live near it.” To be spiteful I sent a little draft their way almost knocking over a girl in a short dress.
“Oy!” She shouted. I was confused. Was she speaking to me?
“Calm down Cassandra!” Persephone laughed. I sent another, more fierce to see how she would react.
“Aargh!” I heard Cassandra scream.

Hade’s point of view
I ran out of my cave I might have only seen this girl once, but I couldn’t take her off my mind.
Peeking through the bushed, I saw her laughing and joking with all her friends. Why won’t she notice me again? My brows furrowed in thought. I was the mighty Hades, God of the Underworld, everyone was scared of me. If somebody found out that I had a wife, it would make me look…..soft. I’d have to take the girl for myself so nobody would know. What a great plan!

Persephone’s point of view
This is a brilliant day! I’ve turned 16! We are all laughing at Penelope imitation of being a god when out of nowhere, a giant black carriage pulled by two horses tumbled down towards us. It abruptly stopped, the man inside it grabbing me and tugging me into the carriage with him. Immediately it began again. The horses zoomed across the ground into a huge cave. It was all so quick that I didn’t comprehend the situation at the time. It only sunk in when I was being pushed out of the carriage.
“Why did you bring me here?” I asked him. I wanted to escape, but his grip was tight on me.
“Because I wanted a wife!” he paused to stroke his horses. “And you will be that wife.” My eyes widened in horror.
“But I have never met you before!” I protest.
“I’m Hades, god of the Underworld, why wouldn’t you want to marry me?” he asked.
I desperately wanted to tell him that I had plenty of reasons why not, but his eyes were dark and I certainly wouldn’t want to go on his dark side.
“Do you even know my names?”
He paused. Of course he didn’t. All he saw was a gorgeous face.
“Umm…no..” he began. “That doesn’t matter though, because you’re going to be my wife.”
“Can I leave this place?” I ask scared of the future. “Ever?”
He laughed, as if the idea was stupid.
“You’re staying down here forever.”

Demeter’s point of view
I am sad. And very confused. What had happened to Persephone? All I remember is her friends Cassandra, Penelope and Eris running towards me yelling.
“Persephone was.. she was taken!” As soon as those words fell from their lips, my heart stopped. I couldn’t quite believe them.
“What? Are you sure?”
“A man wearing a black cloak in a carriage carried her away to a cave!”
“Why didn’t you help her?”
The room turned silent. I knew the answer. They were too shocked too traumatised to do anything.
“Don’t worry about answering that question!” I told them. I quickly thought of a plan. What was going on? It was scary. Persephone was the only one in my life who mattered. I might never see her again. Wait. Man in a black cloak. A cave. A carriage. Hmm…
“you’re free to go ladies!” They hurried off as quick as their dainty legs could carry them. “Hermes!” I yelled into the air. My voiced echoed into the distance.
I saw him fly to my side and I explained my plan of action to him.
“Just get my daughter back!”

Hermes point of view
Nobody has really ever understood me and my job as messenger. When people think of gods, they never really think of me, though I count as one.
I’m just a helper.
What did you think Zeus did when he ran out of lightning bolts? Plucked them from thin air? No I had to get them from what ever Gods call, “The God Shop.”
What did you think happened to Eros when that Psyche girl didn’t love him back? Magic love potion? No, I had to make Zeus turn her immortal. What do you think happened to Dionysus when he ran out of wine? I got some for him? No, I left him because he already had enough for one night.

Nature’s point of view
I can remember when the world was young and Demeter took care of every part of me: she drew new shoots from the soil, put the scent and beauty into flowers, and made vast fields grassy and neat.
But now Persephone has gone missing, Demeter has neglected her duties. I am cold, and waning with every swift push of air.
My flowers are wilting and dying, my leaves are falling from the trees and turning dark colours, and my grass is going dry and straggly.
The earth used to sing with life. What is happening?

Persephone’s point of view
I am sitting sorrowfully, on the cold, hard, stone floor, eating a pomegranate.
I hate it here.
I miss the sunshine that shone so bright. Down here it is dark. I miss the sky with it’s clouds. Down here there is no sky. I noticed something strange in the corner of my eye.
“Persephone1” he ran his hand through his scruffy hair. “I have come to sa..”
He stopped talking.
Hades was strolling into the room. He frowned.
“Why are you here?” he asked.
“Demeter sent me to get Persephone back!” he replied, confidently. “How is he treating you?” He ignores Hades’ angry face glaring at him.
“He treats me well.” I turn to Hades and smile.
“But I am homesick. I miss all of nature. And my mother….” I trail away scared.
“She has already eaten. The fates made the rule a long time ago that you can’t leave the Underworld if you have eaten!” Hades protests. “we shared a pomegranate!”
“Only six seeds!” I cry. “I want to go home!”
“I want you to stay!” he says. “If I let you go then I’ll never see you again!”
“If you love me,” I begin, “Then you will let me go.”

Hermes point of view
I look at both of them.
“There’s only one solution to this!” I exclaim.
They’re silent waiting.
“She ate six seeds, so she stays down here for six months. But for the other six months, she can stay with her mother!”
She smiled. “Goodbye Hades…” She curtsies and runs.

Demeter’s point of view
I am sitting down on the grass crying. Why? I hear something. A shout.
“Mum!” I turn to see where the voice comes from.
She’s running towards me, her silky, blonde hair blowing away from her.
All around me, the flowers bloom and the wind dies down.
I pull her into a full embrace. “You’re back!” I shout, happily. As we hug, a butterfly lands on her shoulder and she laughs. I haven’t heard that laugh in what feels like years.
The grass instantly feels softer under my bare feet.
“You’re my favourite daughter!” I inform her. She chuckles.
“I’m your ONLY daughter!” I stroke her hair. “That makes you more important!”

Why We Have Seasons
Andrew Midkiff, Chicago Grammar School

It all started when my cousin, Orange, came to visit. The Underworld, where I live, is a dark and gloomy place, ruled by Hades. The only beautiful thing is the garden because it has nice looking trees including the pomegranate tree which I was born on the branches of. Orange was always going on about how great the Overworld was. “It's always sunny, and there are great communities there. You should totally move!” said Orange. “I can't, I'm rooted to the Underworld, but I can visit you.” “Oh, okay,” said Orange, “but, it’s really great.” “Why is it really good?” I asked. Orange said “Oh, well, I guess it is because Demeter and her unmarried daughter, Persephone, make everything grow big and strong. Demeter is the goddess of the harvest. Wherever she goes, her daughter goes too because they love each other so much.”
I stood there deep in thought. “Hmm, maybe if Hades brought down Persephone to make the
underworld flourish, then Orange would visit more often.” I walked over to Hades’ palace to tell him about Persephone. But when I got there, he seemed to be in a really bad mood. He was really sad that he had no queen. An idea sparked in my mind. Persephone could be Hades queen and make things down here more cheerful like the Overworld!
“Hades, would you like to meet this girl, who’s single, named Persephone? Maybe you would hit it off?” Hades replied, “Well, maybe, I don’t know.” I pulled up her picture on my Banana Phone. “This is her,” I said. Hades replied, “She’s gorgeous!” and took off for the Overworld in his chariot.
The next thing I knew, Hades arrived into the Underworld with Persephone, and she was crying. I was surprised at how quickly he was back, and wondered why she looked so sad. But then I came to the conclusion they must've really hit it off, and those were happy tears. I ran into his palace, but his guard said, “Go home, he's having a private talk with his queen.” So I went home to listen to the Grapevine Radio and then went to sleep.
The weeks passed like a blur, and one day Persephone wandered into my garden, talking to herself while looking at her cell phone. “Peh, zero bars! Like, what horrid service! When I see Hermes again, I’m going to like tell him his text message service like doesn’t even work down here!” I said, “Didn’t you know you can’t get service down here in the Underworld?” “Oh, I didn’t really know that. I also didn’t know there were any fruits down here,” Persephone said. I replied “Oh yeah, just me and my family, because this Pomegranate tree is the only tree in the Underworld that flowers or bears any fruit. I was surprised at how quickly Hades came back with you, it must have been love at first sight.” Persephone looked surprised. “Wait, what? I don’t love him! As if! He like, kidnapped me! I was just sitting on a stump looking at my phone and the ground like opened up and I plopped into a chariot. Now I’ve been down here for almost a month and I miss my mom so much and I’m homesick.” Sobbing, she said, “And I haven’t had any food and I’m so hungry!”
She looked so sad and inconsolable, I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to cheer her up, so I offered her some of my seeds. She said yes, so I cut myself open and grabbed six seeds for her. After that, I wasn’t feeling very well, so I said goodbye to Persephone and started to walk to the hospital.
I went to the emergency room. They operated on me. As I sat in the hospital bed I looked over to the next bed. My cousin Orange was in it! He looked frail and said, “The world is dying with Persephone missing!” I said, “What, I didn’t know that.” He said, “Uh huh, don’t you ever listen to the radio?” “Yeah, sometimes,” I said. “Well, turn on the radio,” he said, so I turned it on. It said the world’s crops were dying because Demeter refused to do anything until they found Persephone. King Zeus was even offering a huge reward of $15 if you called in to tell where she was. So, I said to my cousin, “I know where she is.” “You do?” said Orange. “Yup.” So, I called in. I told the Grapevine Radio that she was in the Underworld.
A day later, I was out of the hospital and Hermes, the messenger of the gods, came down to the Underworld and told Hades, “Zeus commanded me to take Persephone up to the Overworld to comfort Demeter.” “Alright, fine then,” said Hades.
Then, as they were leaving, he noticed the gauze I was wearing. “Wait, stop!” he commanded. “What?” asked Hermes. “She ate the food of the Underworld,” said Hades, “and anyone who eats the food of the Underworld cannot return to the Overworld.” “I’m sorry, but I have to take her up because Zeus commanded it,” replied Hermes. Hermes used his winged sandals to put on a sudden burst of speed and flew out of the Underworld with Persephone in his arms. “I don’t care if he has her now, because I will set things right,” said Hades as he stormed off in the direction of his chariot.
By this point I was feeling really guilty. First of all, Orange was dying. The whole Overworld was dying! Plus, I felt really sad for Persephone. I knew I needed to act fast, so I snuck into Hades’ chariot. Hades climbed in and his horses took off for Olympus. When we arrived, I could see Zeus standing with an exasperated look on his face while Demeter and Persephone were hugging and rejoicing. Hades stomped out of the chariot looking furious as he said, “She ate a pomegranate! Give her back to me!” “She did?” said Zeus, surprised. Demeter said, “You didn’t, did you Persephy?” “I did,” said a guilty Persephone, “but I like didn’t know it would matter.” Now was my chance to try to redeem myself. At first, nobody noticed me as I stepped out of the chariot. I spoke up and said “Zeus, I am Pommy the pomegranate. It was my seeds she ate, except she only ate six! So give her some leeway, Zeus.” “Really?” asked Zeus? “Yes,” said a quick catching-­on and happy Persephone. Zeus said, “Okay, if so, then she only has to stay for six months of each year. That is my verdict.” “Ugh,” said Hades, “so annoying!”
The days passed like a blur. Orange got operated on and was healthy. I moved to the Overworld and lived happily ever after with Orange, but it wasn’t the same. Demeter grieved during the six months that her daughter was away in the Underworld, and nothing grew. But when she came back, the whole earth would burst into bloom and Spring arrived. But this created a problem. Nobody had any food during the six months when Demeter was away. I came up with a solution. I asked Demeter to give me and Triptomulus, the chairman of the Grapevine Radio, her chariot laden with grain, so we could teach man and fruit to sow in the spring, grow the summer and be reaped in the fall. This way they would have food during the