Mr Polyphemus by Ginny Riley, Normanhurst Public School, Australia

Hot, white sand squeaked beneath Skylar Andersen's sneakers as she disembarked from an enormous cruise ship and stepped onto Sicily's main port, Messina.
"Now, where's the Youth Hostel?" she muttered to herself, shielding her chestnut eyes from the blinding summer sun.
"I'm on my way there now," replied a voice behind her. "I can show you."
Skye turned around to see a tall, slim girl wearing tight blue jeans, a white T-shirt, knee-high boots and a golden cap covering her long black
"I'm Athena," explained the girl, her bluish-green eyes sparkling.
“What's your name?"
"Um... I'm Skye."
At the Youth Hostel, the girls talked about their desired travels.
"I have Greek heritage and really want to visit the Greek Islands," sighed Athena.
"Me too." Suddenly, Skye looked flabbergasted. "Well, it's our lucky day! Look!" She pointed to the noticeboard, where a girl was hanging up a sign that read:
Cruise The Greek Islands FREE!
Skye and Athena jumped up excitedly and called to the girl. "Yes! We're
The girl turned towards them and smiled like an angel, her golden hair
flying like long, silky ribbons. "Good!" she replied. "It's half-free; it's my father's boat. He's blind, so he needs some help with meals. That's all.
"Cool! Where do we start?"
"Meet me at 4pm on the wharf. I'm Teia, by the way. Teia Polyphemus.'
Athena and Skye watched in wonder as Teia danced out of the Youth Hostel, singing softly and whistling.
Later that afternoon Athena and Skye found Teia sitting in the driver's seat of a speedboat moored at the Messina Wharf.
"Get in! We're going to speed to my father's boat. It's not going to take a very long time; this speedboat is fast!" she explained gayly.
They sped across the lapis-blue ocean, watching the sun sink below the horizon like a coin falling in slow motion into an ocean-coloured bowl.
"Hello, Father!" Teia cried when they reached an expensive-looking cruiser.
Mr Polyphemus was a giant of a man with very hairy arms and legs and a very bushy beard. Dark wrap-around sunglasses covered his eyes and a red pirate bandana sat on his head.
"Good afternoon, Mr Polyphemus." Skye and Athena greeted him politely.
"Hello, guests." Mr Polyphemus boomed. "Please go up to your bunk and unpack your stuff. Then you can relax a while. Teia and I will get a move on to the islands before we make dinner."
"I thought we were meant to help with meals?" asked Skye.
Mr Polyphemus chuckled. "Oh, don't worry. You'll be helping with meals all right."
Athena and Skye shrugged at each other and went to their cabin.
"It's been a long day," yawned Athena. "I might just have a little rest."
She lay down on her bed and closed her eyes. Skye tried to do the same, but she was excited and couldn't sleep. Huh? Skye frowned. She could hear murmuring voices coming from the hall. As quiet as a fox Skye tiptoed curiously along the corridor.
"Yeah, I think a double roast would be good. Or maybe broiled." Mr Polyphemus' voice floated through the window. Yum! Thought Skye hungrily. Mr Polyphemus is talking himself through
the dinner menu. But then Skye heard something quite disturbing.
"But that Skye, she's so skinny. Maybe we should fry her to a crisp and dip 'er in some mango chutney. Or perhaps we should eat 'er raw with
Is this some kind of sick joke? Skye wondered. She looked half-cautiously
and half-curiously into the window. Mr Polyphemus had his bandanna and his sunglasses off. But instead of eyes, he had brows where the eyes would be. One scarred, pink, half- closed eye sat in the middle of his forehead. He was talking to a beautiful woman with bluish-green eyes.
"Didn't I get you a lovely pair of bunnies for your dinner, my
sweetheart?" cooed the women, her beautiful golden hair a flowing yellow waterfall.
"Teia!" Skye gasped under her breath.
"And yes, I think done to a crisp would be good for Skye. Or perhaps we could stuff both of them with potatoes and lamb, then bake them until they're brown, and then cover them with herbs and spices!" Teia continued.
Skye's eyes widened. She sat down on the floor and willed herself to
faint, but before the blood had time to drain from her head she saw Mr
Polyphemus opening the door.
"I'll grab 101 Ways To Cook With Kids. Don't worry, I can get it." he
was saying.
Skye ran to the bedroom like a cheetah, troubling thoughts swirling
around in her head.
Should I run? Should I hide? Should I go and tell Mr Polyphemus that the
joke is not funny? Should I just go to bed and try to forget about it?
Should I tell Athena? Skye decided on the last thought and shook Athena's shoulder. "Wake
"What is it? I hardly got any sleep!" Athena groaned, sitting up.
Once Skye had finished reliving the recent events, even she doubted her
experience. "Maybe it was just a dream."
Athena shook her head. "It's not a dream. It is just as I feared. But we can't fight him now."
"What do you mean?" asked Skye, bamboozled.
"It doesn't matter. I promise, I will tell you later. Be careful at dinner."
It was dark outside by the time everyone was seated at the wooden dinner
table, and flickering candles made shadows dance on the walls of the dimly lit dining cabin.
Teia got up and made some drinks. From her position, Skye saw her pour something in two drinks.
"Here you go." Teia set four drinks down on the table.
Skye noticed that the ones that Teia had poured something in were given to Athena and herself. All of a sudden, as Teia turned away, Athena frowned and pushed the tabletop, It spun around.
"I'm so sorry! I didn't know it was a moving table." she apologised.
"It's alright. No harm done." Mr Polyphemus stated calmly, drinking
from the cup that was in front of him. The cup that Teia had poured
something else in. The cup that was intended for Skye.
Instantly, Mr Polyphemus fell off his chair, snoring. Teia grimaced.
"Come on. Let's get outta' here before Mr Polyphemus wakes up!" shuddered Skye.
Skye and Athena scrambled out onto the deck, Mr Polyphemus' snores
growing quieter every second.
Thick clouds covered the moon and it was almost pitch-black outside.
"How are we going to find our way in this darkness?" asked Skye. "And
surely we can't swim all the way back to Sicily?"
"Let's go to Athens. It's closer. And we don't have to swim," Athena
replied cunningly. Right there, sitting patiently in the water, was the
speedboat. They hopped in and started the motor. Safe, they thought, until they realised there was a huge sea serpent heading towards them with a shockingly familiar person riding it sidesaddle.
Teia jumped off her monster and walked on water towards the speedboat.
"Who are you?" gasped Skye. "Are you some kind of fairy or something?"
"No, she is Galateia the sea nymph," Athena explained. "She is here to help her husband, the Cyclops Polyphemus, eat us up."
"I didn't know nymphs or Cyclopes were real," murmured Skye.
"They are!" Galateia snarled and shot a jet of water out of her hand at Skye, knocking her over. Athena rushed to her side to make sure she was okay. "Do you know how to drive a boat?" she asked.
"I think so. " Skye replied.
"Good. You drive. I'll fight." As they sped off, Galateia mounted her monstrous steed and gave chase. Athena drew two short swords from her boots and prepared to do battle.
"We 're so fast! I'm sure Galateia will never catch up!" She looked behind her. Galateia and her scaly ride were catching up fast!
"How do they go so fast?" Skye exclaimed,
"They have help from Poseidon." Athena pointed to a huge wave giving the sea-serpent twice as much power. They sped through the dark, the moon a dirty silver coin as Athena fought off the lightning-speed attacks from the serpent and the jets of ice-cold water from Galateia.
"Almost there, Athena!" Skye cried.
"Can you see land?"
"Yep!" Skye yelled.
"Great." Grabbing an oar, Athena used her sword to carve it into a perfect spear instantly. Then she hurled the spear magically into the air and a huge force field covered the sky, a torch in the night. Galateia and the sea serpent were flung into the dark night sky and landed with a splash in the ocean. Knowing they were beaten, Galateia remounted her monster and headed back with disappointment to Sicily and her Cyclops sweetheart.
Skye guided the boat onto the moonlit beach. As they trudged along the sand, Skye threw a puzzled expression at Athena. "Do you mind telling me what that was all about?"
"I'm Athena, the Goddess of war and wisdom. Athens is my city and when I see it I can use my powers to protect all of Greece.
Skye looked blank. "What do we do now?"
"Well, you said something about wanting to see the Greek Islands."
Athena suggested. "Let's find another adventure!"
Skye smiled as the two friends sat on the soft, white sand. They watched the sunrise over the sparkling turquoise water as they discussed their future travel plans together.

cyclopsThemis Giamourides, Beechwood Park
cyclopsHenry Cargill-Thompson, Merchant Taylors
cyclops rockKahushi Rao, Northwood College
cyclops3Lisa Tusnea, Normanhurst Public School, Australia
Cyclops4Toby Shrubsall, Yateley Manor
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We are sad to report that one of products
has been damaged, it was NOT OUR
FAULT. This particular product was a
Polyphemus action figure, This product's
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destroyed. We apologise for any

Thomas Mullett, Beechwood Park

Odysseus and the Cyclops

O'Odysseus O' Odysseus
Was a well known man
Known for his cunning ideas
With the skills of many a man

O ' Odysseus O 'Odysseus
Sailing and Sailing away
Discovering an old cave
mesh of sheep. basket of cheese
Confined in an unknown place

O'Odysseus O'Odysseus
From the depths Of the cave
Pouncing towards his prey
Wielding the strength of the Gods
With fear striking its name

O' Odysseus O'Odysseus
With regret. ran the fellow Greeks
Alas, three fell prey
Fear him not
The Giant Cyclop

O 'Odysseus O' Odysseus
Trading with the beast
Wine for cheese
Got him drunk
Then they ran

O 'Odysseus O'Odysseus
Fire roaring. bold and bright
Wooden sword. sharp and alight
Plunging deep. into one huge eye
Took Odysseus all his might

O 'Odysseus O' Odysseus
Camouflaged to the angry beast
Men bound tight to the sheep
Odysseus led his fleet
Away from the one eyed beast

O' Odysseus O'Odysseus
Outwitting the beast
Escaping in peace
Sailing far east
To his feast in troy

O'Odysseus O'Odysseus
Was a well known man
Known for his cunning ideas
With the skills of many a man

Zohair Assad, Manchester Grammar School