Minimus enthusiasts with access to an iPad can now download the new iBook edition. This is what CUP have to say about it:

"Join in the fun with Minimus !

A lively, colourful introduction to the Latin language and the culture of Roman Britain for children aged 7 and over. A fun way to teach English grammar, it is ideal for cross-curricular activities.

Follow the antics of Flavius, Minimus, Vibrissa the cat and their Roman family. Roman and Greek myths are intertwined with the family's story, along with photos of artefacts from Roman digs to bring the culture of Roman Britain to life.

  • Develops language awareness and helps pupils with the basics of English by identifying common Latin roots.
  • With a mix of myths, stories and historical background, Minimus supports cross-curricular activities including geography, history, RE and art.
  • Roman Britain is brought to life as myths, stories and illustrations give children a meaningful insight into a different culture and time.
  • Contains audio readings and extracts to help with pronunciation of the Latin text.
  • Comic strips are presented through an image gallery scroll while you listen .
  • 'Tappable' hints and tips throughout.
  • This edition contains content from the original printed Pupil's Book, Teacher's Resource Book and Audio CD. "

This edition is ideal for individual learners, and for home schoolers - and can be ordered from anywhere in the world!